Pulse CMS App

Quickly launch and edit your Pulse CMS sites from your Mac or PC. Put that browser down.

Have all your Pulse admin screens to hand in this useful app. Set clients up with a self-branded app and be that professional web creator.

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  • Download App

Also Available on Windows PC (Windows 7+) and Mac OS (10.8+)
Version 1.1.6.
We also have a web version

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  • “ This app saves me time remembering my client urls and does it well, with style. ”
  • “ It's already with the customer who also loves 💖 it. ”
  • “ Much better than asking a customer to enter an address in a browser.”

Put away the browser

One of the great things about Pulse is that you can edit your site from any browser. With Launcher you no longer need to keep multiple tabs open and get instant shortcuts to the sites you manage, all from your Mac, PC or iPhone.


Don't forget the milk

Save yourself time scrambling for urls and custom admin locations by having them all saved in one place. See it as your window to your professional work. Saves your memory space. More chances to forget other things 😁.


Look like a pro

If you use a custom logo file for your Pulse install then it looks like a customer specific App which builds value to the services you offer and makes you look like the don. It is the small things like this that really add value.